Thursday, December 22, 2016


So I made a baby.
It's still such a shock, even though we were trying.
And let me tell you, so far pregnancy sucks.  It's like being hungover 24/7 while having the flu.  I have no energy.  I am sick.  Work is miserable (and I normally love my job).  I'm really hoping for that magical second trimester comes the way it's supposed to.

But yey.  Pregnant!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chances of a Miscarriage

I imagine most women in early pregnancy experience the mind-numbing fear at some point:  Will my baby be OK?  Whether you are a first-time mom, carrying a rainbow baby, or your symptoms just don't match the ones from an earlier pregnancy, you worry.

I worry too.  A first-time mom after a miscarriage, every twinge, symptom, or lack of symptom, will start me imagining the worst.

I recently found a website where you can get an estimate of your chances of a miscarriage based on your LMP, and I've found in so comforting.

Today, in my 5th week, the chances are at 10%.  That's still a lot of course, but in another two weeks, they'll be down to three.  Every time I look at those numbers, I can feel my anxiety going down.  Maybe not completely away, but down.

So for anyone else who thinks some statistics would give them a bit of calm, here it is. Hope it helps!