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I read a great article about the importance of the "about me" page on a blog, and I figured I'd give it a try.

Gates of the Arctic
I started blogging right before I lost my first pregnancy.  It was a way to let out all the uncertainty and feelings and work through the pain.  Even if I didn't think anyone would read any of my posts, just knowing they were out there helped me cope.  Once I started writing about my feelings "out loud"  I realized how much of my internal monologue I enjoy sharing.  My life is mostly just your average life, but every once in a while, something fun happens, and that's the sort of thing I hope to talk about.

Curling Shoes
I work as a Landscape Architect up in the last frontier (Alaska).  I found myself unexpectantly up here when my husband (at the time my boyfriend), who works in the Field Artillery Branch of the US Army, got orders to move up to Fort Wainwright.  We bought a truck, drove up through Canada with our puppy, and arrived in a Winter Wonderland (at -33° F).  Life up here is beautiful, and we've taken some great trips which I'd love to share, eventually.
Dip-Netting for Salmon

I took up curling (when in Rome and all), joined a book club, and made a concentrated effort to spend time with my wonderful co-workers.  I learned how to skin a moose.  I dip-netted for Salmon in the Chitina.  I planted the tulips, even with the uncertainty of the military.

I love to start (and sometimes even finish), huge projects, including quilts, crochet, home improvement, and gardening.  I love plants as much as I love chocolate, and have filled my office and my home with them.

Last, but not least, J and I are working on expanding our family from two people, a dog, and a cat to two adult people, one or two tiny people, a dog, and a cat.  Our first attempt was unsuccessful, but we try on.

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